Sunday, November 27, 2011

A wonderful Thanksgiving weekend...random thoughts.

I couldn't let the Thanksgiving weekend go without journaling a little something.  It has been sooo wonderful having all the kids around.  Well, except for the 3 am wake up this morning with all of the boys coming home from a party, but I'll even take that, lol!!!  We had a great Thanksgiving down at my sister's and got to spend some great time with her in-laws as well.

I have had a great time doing all sorts of research for the ranch and the house.  Make sure to read my post at my regular blog for today as it has some great new to me websites I have been using as research tools, way cool.  I'm also researching schools, but to be honest I like the whole idea of agricultural business because the words make sense to me, but then you think about the typical agri-business folks like Monsanto and Cargil and Tyson and it really makes me want to run the other way.  Maybe if I knew things from the inside I'd be better of to fight them.

Tom has been working on getting the rental all ready to go, which of course makes me feel like a schmuck for not being able to be up there helping him.  I am just not physically able to be painting and tiling, etc right now which in the back of my mind has me screaming to myself how in the hell are you going to be GC on a job???  But I always figure out something.  Right?

We figure it is time to start making drawings of our floor plans....  Very exciting indeed.

Have to say goodbye to the boys today; MAN do I HATE  to do that; at least it is only for 18 days.

Have some VERY important visitors coming this week.  DAMN am I getting nervous.

Repeat Mammogram and ultrasound on Thursday, Geez, will be glad when that crap is over.

Isn't this the way everyone's life is right now, a couple of great things, one or two not so good, a couple of good, one or two bad...hopefully in the long run it all balances out.

Have a great day,

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