Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Beginning

Well, that has a familiar ring to it.  But I sort of feel like a blushing bride with a bunch of secrets....and I can't quite let all of them out of the bag yet.  But the fact that I am at a new home, with a new name, new subtitle, etc. should give you quite a few clues as to what is going on in our world.

I will say, however, that I am going to approach this blog in a much different fashion.  As many of my dedicated readers know, I have suffered a tremendous setback with my back.  I can no longer be the rancher that I once thought I was going to be; the one that my beloved husband Tom and I pictured and planned for more than ten years ago on our tenth anniversary hike.  But what I have come to learn, is that not many people are where they thought they would be right now in their lives; so we just need to dig in and run with it and that is what we are doing.

A while back on The Royal Ranch blog I wrote a piece about some llama folks really getting the best of me; but even better, I had made a friend that week.  A lovely woman by the name of Betsy Bell, double B's to my double J's, how perfect is that?  Well, anyway, I of course emailed her to tell her that I had written about her in my blog and when she replied she asked how on earth I had time to journal my comings and goings with all that I do.  And I thought to myself, next time around, that is how I am going to a journal only....not as a way of doing business.

I think that may have been one of the ways I went awry with my other blog, it became a chore.  And we all know how chores become; tedious and time consuming, etc.  And this new blog, which will chronicle our whole new adventure in life needs to be just that, a journal in our families (Jeute/Prentiss+) history.

So welcome all.  I hope you enjoy our journal on becoming more sustainable ranchers.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you...that is as soon as we can let the cats out of the bag-ha!!!  And soon you will be able to find us at doublej(no vowels) dot org!  Get it? (


  1. Okay folks, now is your chance for feedback. A new blog, a new...oops almost let too much slip! But you get my point!!!! We are a blank slate here people, tell me what you like/dislike, what you REALLY want to see in the future from me.
    Kind regards,

  2. "tell me what you like/dislike, what you REALLY want to see in the future from me."

    I am really struggling with myself here. This is a perfect invitation for a highly inappropriate answer that I am just immature enough to give. But, alas, I must refrain.

  3. Yeah, thanks Geo, remember this is a G rated family blog!!! LOL!
    Cousin JJ~


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